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Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas, California: A Match Made in Heaven

Even though it is one of the smaller cities in the United States, Las Vegas is full of things to do and Las Vegas Valley View Casino Resort certainly has a lot to offer. It is a destination for the night owls and any visitors who need some excitement.

Located in the Valley View Casino Resort, this hotel is also located close to the latest Las Vegas attractions. While the valley views are great, the location of the casino and the hotel provides visitors the chance to not only be in one of the largest city’s but also a short drive away from the strip. The casino is about a five minute drive away and several gaming areas for players can be found within a few minutes walking distance of the hotel.

Another aspect of the hotel that is reminiscent of the old MGM Grand is the concept of the Hall of Mirrors. This is a center of mirrors that is open for the use of guests who wish to view the rooms without leaving their own reflection. Many rooms are available that allow people to view each other and this feature is sure to give guests a feeling of being part of something special.

It is also no surprise that this casino resort has its very own theme park. Located right next to the hotel is a short ride through the village of Wildfire. This fun attraction features many different shows and attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone. Guests will find a lot of the attractions and games that they are used to at the main casino that is provided at a lower price.

The neighboring World Class Fitness Center, which is located just down the street from the Valley View Casino Resort, is one of the most popular places to visit. This gym offers a variety of workouts including weight lifting and aerobics. This location is also close to a pool and poolside cabanas so guests can get a bit of relaxation while they work out.

In addition to having the Las Vegas Strip just around the corner, Las Vegas Valley View Casino Resort also offers many more sights and attractions. One of the key points is that this hotel is full of activities for people of all ages. This is perfect for the little ones who want to have fun in a variety of activities that are offered. There are miniature golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, hot tubs, hiking trails, mini-golf and lots more things to do for those who enjoy having fun on their own.

Players of all ages will enjoy the separate areas for the gaming, dining and lodging. There are two clubs for gaming and five dining options available to guests. There is even an inside bar that can provide some enjoyable hang outs when you are ready to unwind.

There is no doubt that Las Vegas Valley View Casino Resort is a destination in itself. With so much to do, no matter what your interests are, there is always something to do for you.